Saturday, February 10, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith

You know... I was never a big fan of Anna Nicole Smith. Indeed, hearing her voice always made me cringe. I always thought of Anna Nicole Smith as some sort of circus performer... you know, the lady in the freak show that you would ooh and ahh over, and then go back to the suburbs and feel good about because you aren't her.

To be honest, I know a lot more about that woman than I really want to, but because I am a consumer of pop culture, it has been hard to avoid. I know of her poor origins, her days as a stripper, her first child and his tragic demise, her tattoos, her marriage, her posing for Playboy (and you men are lying if you didn't think she was way hot... you women, too), etc...

I will say this about Anna Nicole Smith: Whatever her life story is, she doesn't deserve the treatment that her death has caused her to suffer in the media. Various media outlets, including the Washington Post have practically called the woman a whore. The circus-like attitude of both the print and television media has been shameful.

No one would dare criticize Tony Randall or Donald Trump, or even Larry King for marrying women that are literally half their age. Why? because they are men. Not only men, but wealthy men... and therefore worthy of respect. I'm not saying anything about this woman's marriage to that ultra-rich guy... but to call this woman a whore because she might have done something that many people have done since money was invented is just wrong.

This, my friends, is classism at it's worst. None of this would be happening if Anna Nicole Smith had been born in a middle class brick house, and she had gone to college and then discovered acting as a young woman.... blah, blah, blah! Even if she was a crappy actress.

I suppose that leaving yourself open to this kind of treatment in life or death is the price of fame, but it doesn't make it any better.


Reya Mellicker said...

I agree with you completely. No matter what we thought of her, we owe her respect. Don't speak ill of the dead! I believe in that!

Leslie said...

I think the saddest part of the whole thing is that there is a little girl without a mother now. That's heartbreaking.

super des said...

Anna Nicole was hot when she was made up right.

I learned that she had met that old guy several years before, while she was still a stripper. After she got divorced from her 1st husband (Billy Wayne!) then she married the old guy. Maybe if they had just met and gotten married, it would be different, but she knew him for like 10 years!

Love knows no age.

DJ Black Adam said...

I feel you Gunfighter. Fact is, this is about jealous women who are mad that she did something that they wish they could.

They act as though they are happy the woman is dead. Further, it is a class thing. If Paris Hilton died, i doubt you would here about her trifling life, this girl was from the country and not of the right "bloodline" which was a problem amny people had with her.

Stupid and Silly.

Grimm said...

I agree. I honestly did not pay much attention to her, aside from the fact that her weight did fluctuate greatly over the last 5 years.

But I also agree with Leslie that the sad thing is that there are so many people trying to take advantage of the situation of the little girl. Is is very very sad.

Zanne said...

Way to take the high road!
Couldn't agree with you more! :)

Queen of the Mayhem said...

I found her to be a complete whack-job! Having said that, my hurt ached for her when I saw her interviewed after her son's death. No mom, or dad, deserves that kind of tragedy! I can only hope and pray that her daughter will not be made to suffer for her mother's sometimes questionable decisions.