Sunday, June 10, 2007

Date Night For Gunfighter

Mrs Gunfighter and I had a great day yesterday! Soccergirl went to a sleepover Girls Scout event and was gone for the whole day, leaving us to our own devices.

OK... before you start leering, let me start by saying, when soccergirl departed, Mrs G was still in Gettysburg, Pa. for our church's Synod Assembly, during whic they elected a new Bishop (yay! and congratulations on your retirement Bishop Schneider, what a great guy), but she would be home soon.

I killed about two hours watching New Zealand destroy France at rugby (62-10) and then I mowed the lawn (and the lawns of the two houses next door). Just as I was finishing up from mowing, Mrs G. arrived at home. Woo hoo!

I took a quick shower, and away we went... to the bookstore, where we passed a some fine time, without the usual "mommy!, the new Unicorn book is out!", "daddy, will you buy the new Junie B. Jones book for me?", "mommy! a new book about sharks/dinosaurs/faeries!!!" We made some cool purchases and headed out to dinner.

We went to the Olive Garden near the mall, and could actually go to the bar and have a drink while we waited for our table. (I'm starting to dig this alone-time stuff)
We had a nice dinner, and then headed for the movie theater.

We weren't going to see anything in particular, and when we got to the theater, we were glad that we didn't have anything special in mind. the were movies called "Surfboard" and "Knocked Up" and a few others that I never heard of, as well as Spiderman 3 (no thanks) Pirates of The Caribbean 3 (sold out), Shrek 3 (not interested). So without a movie to watch, we decided to walk through the mall to walk off out meal. After that... we went home!

We spent the next three hours talking and laughing and listening to the new Michael Buble cd that we bought at Border's.

Then we went to bed.

What a night.

I woke up this morning at 7. It is my default setting.

Mrs G is still snoozing, and soccergirl is probably still snoozing at the sleepover... we have until noon to ourselves.

This is big fun, I tell you.

PS: I bought the new Ipod on Friday. The second generation Nano, in silver!


Jenn in Holland said...

Woo-Hoo! Date night!
It sounds fab. The best part is the three hours of talking. It's so nice to spend alone time with that cute person we married!

Desert Songbird said...

I'm thinking of getting a new iPod just for fun. If I got another nano, I'd get it in red for the cause, but I think I want a video one. Dunno....can't decide...

The no kid thing is fun once in a while. Gives adults the chance to be adults without reprimanding or scolding.

viciousrumours said...

Congrats on the grown-up time. My son is only three...we won't get grown up time for about six more years.

Redneck Mommy said...

A date night. I'm jealous. I haven't seen the hubs in over two weeks, let alone got a break from the lovely monsters of mine...

Glad you and the missus enjoyed yourselves.

Now I have to work on getting me a date...

Lawyer Mama said...

Oooh, sleeping in! I'm so jealous!

cathouse teri said...

I don't think we need to be talking about your "devices!" This is a family channel! Hehehe.

Melanie said...

Ohhh Date night?? What's that?? Though your date night sounds exactly what hubby and I USED to do before children!! Ohhh how I miss that!
Perhaps you and Mrs. G can come on down and watch the kids and let us have one of those evenings!

Alex Elliot said...

My hubby and I had date night last night too. It was our 6 year anniversary. We had talked about seeing a movie after dinner, but there was nothing we wanted to see either.

I'm glad you had a great date night. Will you come and mow our lawn?

Gunfighter said...


Sure, I'll mow the lawn... but I'm ot cheap.


The talking was really really nice... with no interruptions.


Those three years will go by faster than you think.


When I REALLY sleep in, it means I sleep until 8!




Sure, we'll watch the kids... but our rates are kind of high.


Rebecca said...

sounds perfect - especially the opportunity for a lie-in.

You know, last time we got a babysitter, my partner and I went to a bookshop before going out too. There's somethingv about a quiet, uninterrupted (by children)browsing, stroll around a bookshop that is really great. (I would say romantic but you might think I'm mad)