Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Gunfighter's Dreams (IV)

Ciao bella!

Perhaps I need to see a professional.

This morning, the alarm clock went off at 0415, like it normally does, but today, things were just a little different.

Today, the clock not only woke me from a restful slumber, it also ended an odd dream.

Have you ever dreamt about dreaming? It has happened to me more than a few times, but today's dream was special. Today, I was dreaming that I was dreaming about blogging... in Italian.

In case you are wondering... I don't really speak Italian. Oh sure, I know a few words here and there, like most people. I can say hello, goodbye, thank you, and things like that... but that doesn't mean that I can converse, much less, write. I do, however, own a few Andrea Boccelli cd's... but I don't think that counts.

No, in my dream, I was pondering about dreaming about blogging in Italian, which is just plain ol' weird!

Analysis anyone?


Lawyer Mama said...

No analysis here, but I've had dreams about writing or speaking German before. I speak a little but I'm certainly not fluent. Unless I'm dreaming, apparently!

And can I just say - 4:15AM??? Ugh.

Cori@SAHMbles said...

It's funny you mention Italian and blogging; every once in a while the archive months in my sidebar show up in Italian and sometimes Arabic. Strange.

Gunfighter said...


The beauty of getting up that early, is that I am usually in the office by 0530... which puts me out the door towards home by 1:30 or 2.

Jenn in Holland said...

I have a feeling you are channeling this blogger who is about to move from Italy to the US. That's my take anyway, since I "know" you both, and read your blog posts back to back today, that's the connection I am rolling with.

Desert Songbird said...

And here I was thinking you were channeling me. I've been having some very odd dreams for the past week, and I was pondering a blog post about them. Strange, very strange.

Must be the time of the year, GF.

cathouse teri said...

I have the strangest dreams in the universe! Just an example: when I was pregnant, I dreamt I had kittens. And they wanted to go live with a lady fish in a local pond. So I let them. But every once in awhile, they would come to the surface and visit me.

That is just a MILD example of my dreams. I've not much of an ability to interpret them (because they are so crazy!) but I used to have nightmares about a man who was trying to break in and hurt me. I would hit him (in the head) with every blunt object I could find. He would never stop.

I've never had that nightmare again since my divorce.

That ain't too hard to interpret!

Janet from CWD said...

Too much Italian food? I suppose "thank you" and "hello" would be more useful than the Italian, or rather Sicilian, that I know. All I know are things related too cooking - collander, soup ladel, and lots of foods - and things you say when you are really angry most of which I can't translate. That what comes of having a first generation, assimilated, Sicilian mother.

jennifer said...

Why Gunfighter, were you really channeling me without my permission?

jessabean said...

Got no clue about the dream, but I do love Bocelli!

hm-uk said...

Just a quick question...did you have food with mushrooms in it, for your supper? I've noticed that I have WACKY dreams when I have fungi later on in the day.

My favourite dream is one where I knew how to play the violin and was trying to play it in a marching band...it was a spectacular failure!!