Thursday, June 7, 2007

Funny Story

I had to go to the local walmart the other day, and managed to see one of the funniest things I have seen in quite some time. When I was entering the store, there was a family going through the doors right in front of me. There was a mother, about my age, and two teen aged daughters, who were probably thirteen and fourteen.

The girls were bickering as siblings will do… but they went their way, and I went mine, which meant I was going to the electronics section, to price the ipods (because I lost mine damnit!, and I am REALLY pissed about it, too.)

Anyway, while I was pondering parting with 150 dollars (hey, 2 GB is enough memory for me), I went and got the fabric softener that I originally went to buy, and headed towards the checkout line. As I neared the checkout line, the mother and youngest daughter of the family that I mentioned were about ten feet in front of me, when the oldest child darted out of an aisle, ran up to her sister and in nearly perfect rugby form, kicked her sister in the ass! I mean REALLY kicked her in the ass!. She kicked her so hard that the other girl actually lifted off the floor! The kick was so hard, that her sister immediately started crying. Meanwhile (while Gunfighter was fighting a losing battle to stifle his laughter), the mother asked the kicker why she kicked her sister. The kicker said, in a I've-been-wronged tone that only a teenager can muster: "Mom! SHE PUNCHED ME IN MY BOOB!", loud enough for everyone within 20 feet to hear.

That did it, I couldn't hold back and was laughing so hard that it brought tears to my eyes.

It's still funny 3 days later.

I know, I'm juvenile... That's just how I roll, I guess.



Jenn in Holland said...

Ouch! That is funny!
Sorry about the ipod. That's no good.

Paige said...

Too funny. Obviously at least one drama queen in the family. :)

Sorry about the iPod. I've given up on mine. I've gone through two and each time the freaking hard drive decides to die on me.

Lawyer Mama said...

Baaaahaaa! That made me laugh too!

Not the iPod!

La Sirena said...

That was funny.

It's not all bad for teenagers to get laughed at when they've slipped into high dramarama mode -- actually, it's probably all good.

King Isepik said...

So i have that to look forward to, eh? Great! :)

I hope the new iPod works out for you.

Mamma said...


Last night at dinner in the Silver Diner my two oldest boys were play fighting and then it all went awry. I whisper-yelled at my oldest, "You need to set an example. Stop it this instant!"

To which he replied, in a frantic high-pitch voice, while staring at me with crazed eyes, "What do you expect me to do? He just punched me in the balls like five friggin times!"

My 10 year old said that!

I was so shocked that he didn't even try to censor himself that I just busted out laughing.

I'm such a good parent. He must have learned that language on the bus...oh wait he walks.

Blah Blah Blah said...

...dude...being punched in the boob ain't no laughing matter! :)

...budda, I would have laughed

Alex Elliot said...

I would have laughed too!

That's too bad about your iPod. I lost one too and decided that I had to replace it.

Angela Z said...

That was pretty damn funny. Ok........what she said and how she said is funny, being punched in the boob sucks.....kinda like losing an iPod......Take care!

Cori said...

Very funny! It's seems it's a body part week, we had a whole discussion on ding dings this evening.

I'm not loving my Nano, I hinted for a whole year, finally got one and now it sits and waits for me to fill it with ... it's just too much pressure, I can't decide.

Desert Songbird said...

Dang! That is vicious! Funny, but vicious.

So glad I only have the one daughter, although little brother sure knows how to push her buttons.

Brillig said...


(Maybe this is why God only gave me one daughter???)

Brillig said...


(Maybe this is why God only gave me one daughter???)

cathouse teri said...

Dammit! I know I commented at this blog the other day! Where is it! I hate it when that happens!

That story from mamma was funny, though. How though, would you like him to have censored his outburst? Is friggin a bad word? Balls? Hmmm...

I thought he said it purrrrrrrfectly.

I know you all love the parental view from the cathouse.

jennifer said...

I've been lurking around for a bit, and this post made me laugh out loud, so I thought I should finally pay you my compliments!
Not juvenile at all...

Gunfighter said...

It seems that this story has brought out a few lurkers!

Welcome new faces!

Make yourselves at home.