Monday, June 18, 2007

Real Dads of Genius

Cue the music.

In Honor of Father's Day, Bud Light Salutes Real Dads of Genius!

(Real Dads of Genius!)

Today we salute: YOU! Mr. I'd-do-anything-to-support-and-protect-my-children.

(Mr. I'd-do-anything-to-support-and-protect-my-chiiildren!)

How could you improve on a guy who would work a second (or even third) job to make sure his kids are provided for, loved, and nurtured? You'd have to be Superman.

(He ain't stinkin' lazy!)

Gone, now, is the race to see who can chug more beers than the other guys in your frat-house, leaving the carpet strewn with "Silver Bullet" cans.

(No more pukin' with the boys!!)

He works, coaches sports, goes to dancing recitals, does homework with his kids, and still finds time to put together his daughter's pepto-bismol-pink Barbie castle!

(He IS a freakin' hero!)

So here's to you, Mr. I'd-do-anything-to-support-and-protect-my-children... Because YOU are the example for our nation's future!

(Mr. I'd-do-anything-to-support-and-protect-my-chiiildren!)

Disclaimer: Real dads don't drink light beer, from Anheuser Busch, or any other brewer. Please parent responsibly.


BlackLiterature said...

Hah! For Father's Day, my Dad finally read a blog (mine) -- well at least he said he did... ;-) I'm going to send him a link to this post. With posts like this, I might be able to convince him that there are more interesting things than Scrabble online.

Leslie said...

I LOVE those "Real Men Of Genius" commercials. I have a CD with tons of them, even from back when they were "Real American Heros." They are awesome. I like yours, too!

Motherhood Uncensored said...

ha. love the last line. i'm a newcastle gal myself.

Gunfighter said...


I hope you, and your dad had a happy father's day!


Those commercials make me laugh out loud whenever I hear them.



See, I like you even more, now!

Jenn in Holland said...

This was even funnier the second time around with the audio! (okay, I admit, it's more like the seventh time around, but don't tell anyone!)
Teach me how to embed music files?

Hope Father's Day was grand!

cathouse teri said...

Yeah, light beer sucks!

Brillig said...

Hahahahaha. Your take on this commercial is brilliant! Love it! Hope you were well-celebrated yesterday!

Zanne said...

Hope you had a good father's day! :D

Lawyer Mama said...

Baaaahaaaaa! This is hillarious! LOVE IT!