Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Techno Question

Once again, I call on the techno-savvy gurus of html that lurk here at my page.

Can someone explaing how to make a "button", to link to another blog?

Please respond by comment or email. Many thanks in advance.



Anonymous said...

And when somebody tells YOU how to do it, I'll be over here cheating offa your paper, my man. I never have been able to figure that out!

Lawyer Mama said...

Do you have the button already? Because if you do & it's uploaded somewhere & you have the link, I can give you the code to insert into your post or your template. Email me.

Brillig said...

Looks like Lawyer Mama has already helped, but if not, you can email me too.

Jenn in Holland said...

I can get this done for you too, but only because Brillig helped me once... So now I can pretend I know things too.

Paige said...

Um, email when you get that advice, please. Because this technodummy needs to know that too.


King Isepik said...
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King Isepik said...

<-INPUT TYPE="BUTTON" VALUE="GF's Page" ONCLICK="window.location.href=''"->


remove the 6 dashes from all lines.

King Isepik said...

Blogger cut it off.

Add'"> to the end of the onclick line.


King Isepik said...

Oops! make that'">. The trailing "/" is important. I'd better go to bed because I'm making too many mistakes. :)