Friday, June 29, 2007


Over the next few days, The View From Here will be participating in the following events:

On July 1st, I will be participating in the monthly Blog Exchange, that dear reader Teri hates so much (but don't worry, Teri, I still heart you)

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On July 2nd, I will be participating in the Blog Against Theocracy blog-swarm. The theme of this blog-swarm will be: "the separation of church and state is patriotic"

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On July 3rd, I'll post about... something, I'm not sure what... It might be a about Davey & Goliath...

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...or I might post about what my County Board of Supervisors are saying about illegal immigration enforcement.

On the Fourth of July, I will resist a post about what makes America great... instead, I will post about my marriage, because the fourth of July is my wedding anniversary. Thirteen years of having the company of this lady...

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...who has made me a happy man.

So, that is what will be happening, here at "The View From Here". I think you'll enjoy it.




super des said...

Happy early anniversary!

Gunfighter said...

Thank you, Desiree!

viciousrumours said...

*grins*'re going to have a FIELD DAY with the post I just did.

And Happy Anniversary a few days early! To you and your lovely wife.

PunditMom said...

Happy early anniversary! It was our number 13 a few weeks ago!

Whiskeymarie said...

What a cute couple. Happy early Anniversary.
Have a good weekend & a good 4th!
Oh, and thanks for stopping by my place. I do so love entertaining.

KarenO said...

Aaaaaah the teaser/trailer thing! But it works: I'll definitely be back for the installments promised for the first few days in July ;)

Janet said...

Will it be a Canada Day themed blog exchange for the 1st? I certainly hope so.

Gunfighter said...

You are on to something, Janet... perhaps I will post something Canada Day-themed before I do my blog exchange post.

Heather said...

Aw, sorry you have blog exchange haters. My family gets messed up with it every month. I sort of like it.

Happy Anniversary!

Lady M said...

Congratulations! Anniversaries are precious.