Friday, June 22, 2007

Dinner With Your Blog Friends

This past saturday night, Clan Gunfighter were invited to the home of Janet K., whom many of you know, frequently comments at my blog.

Janet lives in Washington, DC, and she and I have met twice before, most recently over lunch a several weeks ago, when Janet said that we should come over for dinner some time. We eventually worked out a date, and after a flurry of emails concerning allergies and menus, we arrived at the day of days.

We were very much looking forward to the event, but we almost had a monkey wrench thrown into the works, when soccergirl was selected for one out League's All-Star teams, and was scheduled to play in a two-day tournament for Father's Day weekend.
We had initially planned for a 5 PM arrival time, but I was fairly certain that we wouldn't make that, so Janet graciously allowed us to amend the schedule.

So, tournament painfully over with, we scooted home and showered/changed and headed north towards Washington... and immediately ran into some ugly traffic heading northbound on I-95. Fortunately it didn't last long, and we were able to make it to Janet's home right on time! Whew! It was Taco night, and I didn't want to be late!

We were warmly greeted, by Janet, her housemate Brenda, and two friends who had arrived before us. Almost as soon as we arrived, I was gifted with a submission for Shoot 'Em Up Friday (I now have two reader-donated items... one more and we can begin).

The talk flowed, and much fun was had. Janet set an abundant table and all nine of us tucked in to a wonderful meal of build-it-yourself-tacos!

**NOTE** Have you ever noticed that it is nearly impossible to have a bad time when you are with a convivial group people, having a fine meal?

We listened to some new music, and talked about soccer, kilts, guns, moles, threadbare shirts, and all sorts of things... by this time, everyone had eaten their fill of tacos (and some splendid, truly splendid, home-made Guacamole).

We were done eating and.... no, wait, we weren't quite done eating, because it was now time for cupcakes! Chocolate, Marble, and Red Velvet cupcakes! So good. Made even better by the assortment of icings and sprinkles that we could use to decorate our own!

Alas, the clock on the wall was creeping towrds soccergirl's bedtime and she had a game to play the next day, everyone started heading towards home, in a fine state of epicurial satisfaction.

We headed home in the gathering twilight, and while soccergirl was asleep before we got out of the city, Mrs G and I listened to some really great 1970's music on the radio.

What a great evening.

If any of you are ever fortunate enough to get an invite from Janet, run, don't walk, to accept it!



cathouse teri said...

You wear kilts?

I think soccergirl plays far too much soccer.

I LOVE meeting blog friends, and you are right. With good friends, nothing can go wrong. Weird thing I've noticed... I always love a man who offers me a drink. Could explain why I fall in love several times a week!

Gunfighter said...

Yes, Teri, I do, and I was on Saturday night, too.

Too much soccer? I don't think so. Her season is over, and we will be back at it in September... the regular season is only 9 weeks long... two days out of a week? that's not so much.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like it was a lovely time!

Paige said...


I'm so there!

Madame M. said...

Screw dinner! I'll show up just for the cupcakes! :oP

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

Fun :-)

Lawyer Mama said...

Red velvet cupcakes? Mmmmmmmmm!

Janet M Kincaid said...

GF: What a lovely post! We had the best evening having you and Mrs. GF and Soccer Girl at our home for dinner. And Soccer Girl did such a great job picking and mixing the colors for the frosting! (Not to mention her artistic ability for decorating said cupcakes in lovely, personalized ways.)

Brenda says "thank you for the compliments on the gaucamole." Next time, she'll double the batch.

Let's do this again sometime. And soon!

P.S. Can wait to see how the DVD player turns out!

Mamma said...

Okay that's it! We have to have a DC/NOVA bloggers happy hour soon.

Jenn in Holland said...

Build your own tacos with the added yum of homemade guacamole? And then, decorate your own cupcakes? What a blast of an evening! I loved your post about it. And I love that you were wearing a kilt!

cathouse teri said...

I'll bet you're a sexy cat in that kilt. I always say that men should wear skirts. That scene in "Rob Roy" where she and he just pull up their skirs and go at it is just.... oh my.

jessabean said...

I've never met any blogger friends in real life. Glad you had a fun time! The image of you eating tacos in a kilt makes me giggle.

Janet said...

It genuinely saddens me that I never get the chance to cook for my scary internet freak friends, except on very rare ocassions. To me cooking is one of the ways I express my affection and I would like to do that with everyone I care about, not just the ones I am fortunate enough to live near.