Friday, June 1, 2007

Happy Birthday, Mrs G!

Dear Best Girlfriend,

I hope you are enjoying your birthday so far.

I'm glad that you let me spend the past year with you.

I hope I make your next year better than the last.

Have I told you lately, that I love you?



weese said...

happy day!

Zanne said...

Happy Birthday Mrs. Adorable!

(GF please explain to her ;) )

Have a great weekend you two! oops, I mean you three!

Jenn in Holland said...

mmmm... drink lots of wine and eat lots of cake!
Celebrations are in order! Gefeliciteerd met de verjaardag van je vrouw!

hip! hip! hip1 HOERA!

Lang zal ze leven!

Brillig said...

Awww, Happy Happy Birthday, Mrs. Gunfighter!!!! Hope you ring it in in style!

jessabean said...

I suppose I'll grant you the Best Girlfriend card, since I don't date girls. But don't forget I have the Best Boyfriend.

Happy birthday to Mrs. Gunfighter and I hope you both have a wonderful weekend!

Maria said...

June is a great month for a birthday...and I never knew a Gemini that I didn't like.

DangerDoll: said...

Happy B-day, Total Stranger From Another Random Stranger!!!

GF - Didja sing to her?

PunditMom said...

Such a good husband!

Gunfighter said...

I suspect Mrs Gunfighter will read this later this morning and send her thanks for your well wishes... but just in case she doesn't get around to it... many thanks to all.


Mrs. Gunfighter said...

Thanks everybody!! We spent the evening at Soccer Girl's soccer party, which wasn't really my first choice of activity. But there's always next weekend!

Suzanne said...

I hope it was the grandest birthday yet!

the only daughter said...

happy happy joy joy wishes to your lovely bride.