Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I'm Such A Child

Some of you may have listened, a week or so ago, when I was a guest on Kristen Chase's Motherhood Uncensored radio show (and if you didn't listen, click that button over there, to your right).

That particular show was a discussion about "What Dad's Want". Kristen asked me about Father's Day, and whether dad's got excited about receiving gifts. I told her that although most dad's will say that "it isn't about presents" and things like that... we are usually lying through our collective teeth.

I love getting presents.

No. Really.

I love getting presents, and for this Father's Day, Mrs Gunfighter and Olivia gave me two great books:

The first was this book: True To Our Native Land, An African American New Testament Commentary.

Mrs G always knows which books to get for me, as I am always trying to discern new things about national culture, ethnic culture, and their interactions with various faith cultures and traditions, particularly in the United States.

The next is titled: "The Peoples Work, A Social History of The Liturgy"

A recent interest, as part of my faith journey, has been an exploration of the history of the church, and one of the most interesting things for me, is the development of the various liturgies used in today's mainline denominations.

I am excited about both of these, and they have joined my rather long list of "to read" books. I suspect they might be on my vacation reading list... along with the new Harry Turtledove novel that we are expecting in late July.

Mrs G. is a good egg.

Thanks, babe.


Cori@SAHMbles said...

Hiya G,

Speaking of things ethnic my Hungarian Goulash recipe is up. Come by for a visit when you have some time.

Janet said...

No doubt Dads love presents - what could be better than chrome for the motorcycle? Maybe the new book "My Men Are My Heroes" by Brad Kasal? :) It was a nice father's day 'round here, too! ~ Janet

Janet from CWD said...

Funny, I was talking to my mother this morning about what she wanted for her birthday, which is Thursday. She had told my sister she didn't want anything, but I wasn't buying it. I said, "Are you sure there aren't any new books you need?" To which she replied, "Oooh, books, you know my weakness." So you see, it works as well for moms, too.

P.S. I see we have a third Janet, so I'll have to change how I post.

Gunfighter said...

Welcome Biker Chick Janet!

Wow, it took you long enough to drop by... it was a long time ago that I visited your blog!
Glad you enjoyed Father's Day!

Janet O,

You can never go wrong with books. Never.


I'll be visiting before the day is over.

Mervis said...

What about creating a section on your site for books you've read and liked?

Gunfighter said...

That's a good idea, Ronnie!

jessabean said...

I LOVE getting books as presents! And thanks for letting the secret out about dads. :) I got my dad a gift card to B&N this year.

I might also have to copy that idea about a book section on my site!

GF, could you recommend any good ethnic/faith culture books? I wanted to try reading about Asian American culture but there is a serious lack of material in most bookstores. So for now I'll start somewhere else in the world.