Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Chinese Troops in Darfur

According to today's Washington Post, the Chinese government is about to deploy approximately 300 troops to the Darfur region of Sudan. According to the article, these troops will be from a military engineering unit, and will be in support of the beleaguered African Union Peacekeeping force already in place.

Would someone please give me a rational explanation as to why the bloody Chinese can get off of their asses and at least do SOMETHING to help in Darfur, when the United States won't???

Don't misunderstand me here... if the Chinese are acting out of altruism, I'm the King of Spain... but, motives be damned, how can the United States, a country whose government claims to have invaded Iraq in the name of "freedom" sit by and watch as thousands upon thousands of innocent civilians are murdered, and raped, by militia's tacitly supported by the Sudanese government? Our government has invaded sovereign nations for much less than this. Our government has even declared what is happening in Darfur as "genocide". So why won't we do something about it?

Oh. Wait.

I forgot.

The United States won't do anything about Darfur for the same reason we did nothing about the genocide in Rwanda in 1994... because the victims are black.

Worse, they are black and don't have any oil.

Some of you are probably squirming a bit as you read this. Well, you should squirm.

If you care at all about the deaths of thousands upon thousands of innocents, please go here, and sign the petition... if that is the least you can do, it will have been better than doing nothing.

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Brillig said...

Yup. I completely agree. I saw Hotel Rwanda where they brought those very points up--being black and not having oil. And I admit that I really really squirm when it's summed up like that, but there just has to be some truth to it. Yikes.

I've heard that the US is waiting for the UN (funny, since we blew all of our alliances with them when we invaded Iraq--somehow that was "more important" or something...) and that it was China who was holding up the UN--because of an oil deal with Somalia. (I'm sure you know all of this... Why am I still talking?) So, see, it DOES have to do with oil, sorta! But now China's getting off their butt (for all the wrong reasons, but at least they're DOING SOMETHING) so what's the excuse now? Hmmm?

super des said...

I signed it.

Jenn in Holland said...

Not squirming, Cheering! This is exactly what it is and you have said it perfectly. Because our lives here are wrapped up and involved in the crimes of a different war and genocide, we are especially sensitive to the plight of the people in Darfur. And especially frustrated with the US' lack of action. Somehow knowing there will ultimately be a tribunal set up to try the war criminals years from now for the atrocities committed, just doesn't bring comfort. The horror must stop. Rwanda and the former Yugolslavia are getting "justice" too late. Something needs to be done in Darfur. Yesterday.

viciousrumours said...

You said it...the people in Darfur have nothing to offer good ole Shrub. No money, no oil, no trade agreements. I mean it's not like our government actually HELPS people...they just like to SAY they do. Hell, they can't even help the people living in this country.

DJ Black Adam said...

I am inclined to agree. Black people with no oil. I am most baffled why the Congressional Black Caucus remains so silent on the issue...

soccer mom in denial said...

I'll up your petition - everyone who has money with Fidelity, or family with money with Fidelity, needs to get in touch with Fidelity and ask how they can be financing Chinese oil companies to continue to do business in Sudan.

There needs to be a crack down on ALL business that profit in Sudan. It worked in South Africa.

Lawyer Mama said...

It's kind of funny because your thoughts were popping into my head right before you wrote them.

Iraq, yep. Too busy there aren't we?

No oil & black. Yep. Very sad.

I'll go sign.

The Hilton tribe said...


I've been tracking your blog for a little while.. Regarding Darfur and Rwanda, you know it's got nothing to do with color.

It's all about $$, resources, and the 'Return on investment' for the U.S. Gov. The military is just an extension of civilian policy.. run by corrupt politics. --Drop a few Oil fields in the mix for easy taking, and you know we'd be there in a heartbeat.

BTW-Great blog you've got here.

Terri said...

I really don't think it has a thing to do with color.. but that's just my opinion..

I'll go sign your petition.

Gunfighter said...


I'm not sure that I agree with you completely, but I think that we are tracking well enough not to argue about it.

Semper Fi, dude1


That you signed the petition gives me hope for you.

Bless you,