Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Cooking The Intelligence?

As reported in the Sunday Washington Post, it appears that two separate assessments from the National Intelligence Council, in January, 2003, predicted that the invasion and occupation of Iraq could lead to internal violence and provide a boost to Islamic extremists and terrorists in the region.

Apparently, the reports, which were delivered to White house officials, went on to discuss the fact that in post-Saddam Iraq, domestic groups would fight each other and former Iraqi military could merge with terrorist groups.

One of the assessments suggested that an invasion of Iraq would give a boost to political Islam.

The article says that when these assessments were given to senior officials of the Department of Defense, the DOD said that the assessments were "too negative" and ignored.

Even George Tenet, the disgraceful ex-Director of Central Intelligence (and Medal of Freedom recipient) said, in his recent book, that the NIC papers on Iraq said that "Iraqi political culture is so imbued with norms alien to the democratic experience... that it may resist the most vigorous and prolonged democratic treatments."

Great. This was said before the war.

Let me get this straight:

The NIC tells the national leadership (President Pinhead) that the Iraqis will resist democratic reforms; that the Iraqis will start fighting each other; that former Iraqi soldiers will join with terrorists and foreign fighters; that occupation by western nations will be widely unacceptable in Iraq; and that an invasion/occupation will cause a boost for political Islam, and exacerbate terrorism... and the leadership goes ahead with the invasion and occupation anyway?

As Shakespeare's Hamlet would have said: "That would be scanned"

Our government, no... the President, said that the invasion of Iraq was about "weapons of mass destruction" democratizing Iraq, but had already been told, months prior, that the invasion would not likely produce said democracy, and indeed, would lead to sectarian violence, and increase political Islam and terrorism?

Does that sum it up?

The President, is the same guy that gave us his Top Gun moment on an aircraft carrier, and told us that our mission was accomplished, even though it wasn't. This is the same guy that was told, before the fact, that the war would have the precise results that we have been seeing since 2003... This is the same guy that, despite what he was told by the leaders of the National Intelligence Council, launched a war that has caused the deaths of over three thousand Americans, and untold numbers of Iraqi civilians. This is the same guy that created the failed-state of Iraq. This is the same guy that has caused a number of my colleagues and a few of my good friends to be separated from their families, sent to war, and in the case of two of them, to be wounded in combat.

He knew all along, what was likely to happen... and he did it anyway.


Mr. Bush, I am a firm believer that someday, everyone will have to account for themselves before their maker.

You have a lot of explaining to do... and somehow, I don't think that your excuses are going to fly.

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Terri said...

Radical fundamentalists are such freaks.

It's sickening they think it's OKAY to blow themselves up and kill innocent people. Craziness.

It's a shame that they don't respect and embrace life ... they embrace torture and death.

All in the name of God????!!

It's a hornets nest over there in the Middle East.

I think we should all be very concerned about Iran and Russia.

I listened to a "Focus on the Family" podcast over the weekend... it's quite frightening.

There sure is a lot to be concerned about now days.

Our world is just a rotten mess. Just a mess. I'm thinking of what's going on in Russia & Iran, North Korea, Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, Syria, Iraq .... all while our borders are not secure ....
All I can do is pray.

Lawyer Mama said...

He may refuse to see any of the mistakes he's made, but history will judge him very harshly.

Radical fundamentalists of any religion are freaks and scary as hell. But unfortunately, islamic fundamentalists have been *helped* and strengthened by our mess in Iraq.

Great post, GF.

viciousrumours said...

I got screamed at...SCREAMED at...at work on night just before the war started because I dared to say that it was a bad idea. I said something along the lines of, "All it's going to do is give the fanatics fuel. It's going to make them "right". You wait. It's going to spark a civil war and we're going to be in the middle of it." Wow...maybe I should run for President, huh? Oh wait...I have to much common sense for the job.

soccer mom in denial said...

Like visciousrumors I didn't see anything valid about the war in Iraq. I cannot believe we are sending our troops there.

"Radical fundamentalists are such freaks"? Right on terri! You were talking about Jerry Falwell.

We should do all we can to promote secular values everywhere, including (espeically) the US of A. Because when those "radical fundamentalists" take control people lose their rights (e.g. voting, media, health care choices), basic freedoms, are incarcerated without trials... Because we're talking about the USA right?

Brillig said...

Grrrrrr. This makes me so, so, so angry.

Did I mention how angry this makes me?

Sometimes Dubya is just a silly man to laugh at.

But other times you realize what a truly evil thing he has going on here, and how many people are being mindlessly slaughtered thanks to him. Not so funny anymore.

steph! said...

At the time I thought we were making the right decision in going to war in Iraq. I remember very clearly watching Colin Powell presenting the "facts" regarding WMD to the UN. It made sense to me. I had a great deal of respect for Powell, and believed that what he was saying was, in fact, true.

I would love to know whether or not he knew any differently. I don't necessarily subscribe to the theory that the admin knew there were no WMD, but I do wonder if we'll ever know complete story...

ducking now, as you all start throwing stuff at me...

steph! said...

PS - GF - I have no issues with you referring to Bush as "president pinhead"...but questioning the BoSox??? Shame on you!!!

Gunfighter said...


Colin Powell presented what was given to him by the intelligence community. Even I, with my measely high school education, didn't buy the WMD story... not wwhen our own investigators were saying that Iraq couldn't build a bomb with the condition of their infrastructure.

Powell was used, and his credibility is in the toilet. I used to respect that man above all others until he joined the dark side and became a shill for the idiotic policies of Pinhead, Wolfie, Rummy, Condi, et al.

Knowing what I know about Powell, now, I wouldn't want that man to be my county Dog Catcher.

As for the BoSox... well, I was raised a 40 minute drive from the House That Ruth Built (that's Yankee stadium for you infidels), so I can't love the Sox. Be happy with that Series win... you won't be getting another one.

Gunfighter said...


The United States embraces torture and death, too... or haven't you been paying attention?

PunditMom said...

I just wish there was any hope that he would be held to account BEFORE January of 2009. I'm not holding my breath.

Jenn in Holland said...

I remember just seething in a conversation with a woman who was adamant that the "war was won" in Iraq after the thumbs up display by the president on the carrier. My point being that he had started something that would never be finished and her point being that he was somehow a superior man who had led us into an important mission which was now accomplished. I would surely love to hear how she spins it now. No, I wouldn't actually. I am certain I would just seethe all over again.
That we have brothers home now from their tours in the turmoil is a comfort, but the whole ridiculous situation just continues to brew... and elude.

This was a marvelous post. I appreciate so much the way you can put into words the thoughts in my own head.

Also, thank you for your sweet message at my blog.
I am feeling blessed on many levels and the support of friends is deeply touching.

jessabean said...

I'm already mad enough about all of this and beyond amazed and how this guy continues to just get away with it, so I won't speak to that.

But I do want to say that you quoted Shakespeare in reference to our stupid corrupt government, and that is hot. In a totally platonic sort of way, of course. :)

La Sirena said...

The goal of many radical fundamentalists is to be hoovered up into heaven by the rapture -- so they don't really care if they destroy our country and the world, because they figure they'll be rapturous when that bill comes due.

But I don't think Bush is TRULY a christian -- fundamentalist or otherwise. As more info comes out about all the fabricated evidence they used to get Congress to support this war, I realize that he has sent our people there so he and his cronies can steal resources in the midst of all the chaos (thanks to my friend Michael for crystallizing that for me.)

I'm with you GF -- I knew it was a lie from the beginning -- not that that's any consolation. Thanks for the informative post.

Oh, and you and Steph! will be crying in your beers this October when the ChiSox take the pennant. ;-)

Gunfighter said...

The ChiSox???

I laugh in your general direction.

Janet said...

I have heard, and I believe, that when we leave, whenever we leave, Iran or a puppet government supporting Iran will take over. So after years of supporting Saddam Hussein in the Iran/Iraq war, our invasion of Iraq has just handed Iran the victory. Yeah, that was smart thinking. Or maybe that's the mission they were trying to accomplish.

steph! said...

Question on Powell - you say he was used, but that now you don't respect him. Do you think he knew what he was presented was inaccurate or do you think he was duped, in which case why did you lose respect for him (not arguing, just trying to understand your statement).

What I do know to be true: Sox 7, Spankees 3

Terri said...

Hummmmm....I really don't know much about Jerry Falwell ....

I do like Dr. James Dobson of Focus on the Family.

Oh boy.....I could never be President... :-/

it would kill me knowing that so many people hated me ...
but I'm sensitive that way.

Regarding President Bush...all I can say is:
the American people voted him in ... twice.

The thing is ... I certainly don't agree w/ a lot of what George Bush does ...
and I most certainly don't want to be in a war ... I hate war like everyone else .....I want our troops out of there....

But, I just don't think Bush is this hateful, terrible and evil person you all say he is.

My opinion...

I can't stand politicians...

they are ONLY in the business of being elected...or re elected.

That's it.... they do not care about the wants & needs of the American people.. they only care about themselves and their own agenda.

Terri said...

I'm going to take a break from the news (Fox and CNN, BTW) that I listen to ALL DAY LONG and watch Dancing With the Stars!!

I am torn between Laila and Joey!