Saturday, May 19, 2007

Coaching (Pt. 2)

We tied this morning.

A tie.

If not for some heads-up play, we would have lost.

The girls milled about in a confused manner, trying to figure out what D wanted them to do. They were letting the other team have their way because they were convinced that the other girls were a better team than them.

I am seriously pissed off... it's a good thing that we only have two more games.

Addendum: Team pictures went well. No ambualances were needed.


soccer mom in denial said...

Ugghh.... I'm so sorry that their confidence had been shot, by their actual coach no less.

But I am glad this is driving you to become the head coach of your own team. I love coaching.

cathouse teri said...

Daddy, calm down. Things will all be well soon. :)

(my verification word is "pw tarpo" ~ I think I'll use that as a name for my next pet)

Anonymous said...

did you use "pontificating assclown"? sounds like you should have

Lawyer Mama said...

Ugh. I would have a hard time keeping my mouth shut.

I bet you'll be a great coach though.

Jenn said...

I think you'll be a great coach next year. 8 year olds definitely don't need 20 minutes of strategy, they need to run run run.

Even at professional level of sports, if the other team can outrun/outpace you, it is hard to find a strategy that will allow you to an upper hand against that.

Gunfighter said...

Thanks all!

We have team pictures in about an hour, it will be all I can do not to strangle anyone.