Thursday, May 10, 2007

Hillary Clinton? I Don't Think So

The 2008 Presidential campaigns are underway!

Let's talk, shall we?

A few months ago, I posted about my opposition to the candidacy of Senator John McCain. My opposition won't have surprised anyone who reads my blog. As a Democrat that has no leanings towards the Republicans, it is a given that I won't be supporting ANY Republican candidates. With that said, let us now turn to the Democratic field of candidates.

Your pal Gunfighter is as political as can be, indeed, I am the former chair of my local Democratic district, but I have to say that there are some Democrats that I cannot and will not support, no matter who gets the nomination from my party.

Today, I will be talking about Hillary Clinton, the junior Senator from New York.

I won't be supporting Senator Clinton in her bid for the Presidency, nor will I vote for her should she be nominated.

Before anyone gets wound up about my opposition to Senator Clinton, let me say first, that said opposition has nothing to do with her gender. I am not intimidated or particularly bothered by smart women (I married a smart woman, God bless her). It has nothing to do with her marriage to the former President, it has nothing to do with the period of 1992 to 2000.

My opposition to Senator Clinton is based solely on this: She voted to authorize the war in Iraq.

"Big deal", you say? It is to me.

When called on it, she didn't have the honesty to say that it was an act of political survival. No, she got all weak and spouted the tired crap about "If I knew then what I know now, I wouldn't have done it... blah, blah, blah"

I'm Sorry, Senator, but that just isn't good enough.

You would ask us to believe that you, an exceptionally intelligent and astute woman, couldn't see through The Two George's (Bush and Tenet) veil of bullshit? You actually bought that weapons of mass destruction crap? You actually believed the Iraq/Al-Qaeda alliance crap?

My God, Senator! If you really DID believe that, you are too stupid to lead this nation.

You lack spine, Senator. You lack courage.

Since I cannot believe that you are that stupid, I can only conclude that your support of the war was calculated to keep you in office.

Intellectually, I understand that the first issue for a would-be politician is to get elected, and for an office-holder to get re-elected, but there has to be some modicum of principal. Your lack of principal, or at the very least your complicity in this shameful venture, has resulted in over 3,000 American military deaths, and some half a million Iraqi civilian deaths.

Shame on you.

I know that there are some women who are excited about the Clinton campaign. Excited to be able to vote for "one of their own"... I understand that feeling, and will discuss that later in the campaign, but what I won't do is vote for someone, anyone, simply because they fit a demographic.



viciousrumours said...

I won't be voting for Hillary Clinton if she's nominated because I think she'll do more damage than good. When we elect another incompotent old white guy in this country no one blinks, but if the first woman elected to the Presidency in this country screws it up? Yeah, all we'll here is, "A woman? Remember what happened the last time we elected one?"

I'm not a conservative by any sense of the word, but Hillary Clinton is one of those scary ultra liberals. The kind with no common sense and no idea how to stand firm on an issue. In short, she's no better (and probably worse) than Bush is....

Woman or not, she won't be getting my vote.

weese said...

how do you feel about obama?

Lawyer Mama said...

I agree with you about her stand on Iraq, before it became hip to oppose the war. I can't say I wouldn't vote for her if she got the nomination though. I love some of her views. That is, I love some of HRC's views circa 1992. Much has changed.

I see nothing wrong with scary ultra liberals though. They don't frighten me nearly as much as scary ultra conservatives.

jessabean said...

I agree with viciousrumors about Hillary Clinton's potential for damage. She is much too divisive to take the reigns after the hell that has been the Bush administration. It's unfortunate for her, and I know many in her camp are crying "No fair" and asking that we give her a chance.

But let's face it: America is tired of B.S. We're tired of partisan bickering. The Republicans hate her. If she gets elected, that's half the country against her from the get-go, and I personally just don't feel like going down that road again.

Oh yeah, and she voted for Iraq. :)

Gunfighter said...
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Gunfighter said...

To take this a bit further, I'm not concerned about her being an ultra-liberal, because an ultra-liberal couldn't get elected in our current climate.

I'm not even concerned about her being a polarizing figure, because in our current climate, it won't matter who gets elected, because the partisans on either side, and I consider myself to be VERY partisan, will go against whomever is in charge.

In my heart of hearts, I think that Senator Clinton is too much the Washington insoder/power plaer to be an effective President. She is uninspiring, she is not at all charismatic, and listening to her speak could put a platoon of lawyers to sleep insode of five minutes.

I don't think she has any positives to offer.


Don't get ahead of me, my friend... Senator Obama will get his turn soon! I will leave you with this, though... see my last comment at the end of the post.

Terri said...

No doubt...
I'd never vote for HillatheHun.
But I wouldn't vote for Obama, either. He's too far left for me.
I just don't think he has what it takes to run the country in these scary times.

I'm thinking Newt or Thompson, if they run. I am liking Mit ... but I don't know enough about him yet.
No way on McCain or the ex Mayor G.

I'm ducking and backing out of the room now!! Hee hee!!
Toodle... have a good one.

Brillig said...

Okay. So, I pose this very possible (even LIKELY) scenario:

The Presidential race come down to

Clinton vs. McCain.

How does the mighty Gunfighter handle it? He's vowed never to vote for either of them, but I don't see him just NOT voting!

(Your word verification thingy for my comment is "wimp." hahahahaha. RUDE!)

Hahn at Home said...

Nor will I vote for Hillary. I think that she's smart and has keen insights into policy and process, but I don't trust her. She's too "inside" the beltway--and a little too deft at pandering to the public.

Anne said...

I have to admit to still being on the fence--she has some views I can appreciate. I did think, though, that it was very satisfying to compare the PR photos of the Democratic candidates at their debate vs. the Republicans at theirs. On the one hand we had a diverse group--on the other, the usual tired old lineup of middle aged white guys. I'll probably sound like an old party hack for saying this, but I'll end up supporting whichever Democratic candidate seems the most viable and likely to win. At this point, it's too early for me to judge that.

Desert Songbird said...

Okay, totally off the subject, but since I decided to come visit you since you visited me, and I noticed your slide show, I have to ask, do you make rosaries? If so, very you sell them?

soccer mom in denial said...

I've actually met the good Senator, briefly, when I brought a group of teens to DC for a press conference about children's health access. These youth were nationally recognized for an outreach campaign they had created and I had the priveledge of being their "boss".

Someone made sure we were by the rope after the talking heads part and these kids - a white girl about 14, a black boy about 16 and a Cape Verde brother (age 17) and sister (age 16) - were ready to talk to both the president and first lady.

Both Clintons lingered with those kids and I just stood back to let them have this experience. Both of them were being rushed by aides and secret service agents and I actually heard the Clintons each say they wanted more time with "the kids". It seemed to recharge them, give them something to hang on to. These weren't voters. For all they knew two of those kids were illegally in the US. And yet they held up their schedule for four teenagers.

I've also met former MA Governor Romney and his wife. Mrs. Romney and my mom shared a friend who died of cancer last year and he came to the memorial service. That was the one time he seemed human. All the other times I've met him he's been fake, even while I was getting a pizza in the Italian section of town with my kids. How can you be fake over pizza with little kids nearby?

All of this is to say I am personally sad about Senator Clinton's vote for the war. I so wish she had done the right thing. But she didn't. And now my vote is up for grabs.

But the former MA Governor is an arrogant, mean-spirited, flip-flopper. He was pro-choice and pro-marriage equality in the 1990's. Now he runs around the country making jokes about keeping the MA liberals in line. I can't stand hearing that his views have "evolved".

Sorry to turn my comment into a post. Guess I should go back to my blog now.

Gunfighter said...


There you go again with that purple Kool-Aid.


re: Clinton/McCain: I write-in the candidate that I really want to win, and let the chips fall as they may.


Being "inside the beltway" is no sin. If you are going to run this country, you need to know how this town works. That's just the way it is.


Hello and welcome!

Diversity is good. Diversity is great, I'm a big fan of the concept... but I'm not looking to annoint Mr or Ms. Diversity. I want a leader for this country.


Hello and welcome!

Yes I do. It is my hobby. Yes, I sell them... if you'd like something special, I'd be happy to make something for you. I'm reasonable.


Preach, sister!

I have had the opportunity to meet the Clinton in the line of duty, and to have had my photo taken with President Clinton. I am stil a big fan of Bill Clinton, and of the successes of his administration. I have also met Mrs Clinton and found her charming as well.

cathouse teri said...

You're right. And if I were a voter, I'd be not voting for her!

cathouse teri said...

She's terri and I'm teri :)
I think I tried to comment at terri's site, and possbly I'm totally (well I am) technologically retarded... but I didn't see how to... and isn't terri the pampered chef gal? Well terri, contact me! I want some! (If none of that is true, please disregard every word of it.. except the terri/teri part) :)

Hey GF, am I allowed to say fuck at your blog?

I keep forgetting to ask you that.

Jenn in Holland said...
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Jenn in Holland said...

(pulled the first to fix something. Now I shall repost)

It's interesting on this and many issues being so far removed (physically) from the barage of coverage and rhetoric which I am sure the news in the States is full of. We just get the highlights over here.
I am at a loss again this election because like you, I would really like to see a LEADER in office and increasingly feel that the choices are becoming non-choices as the election draws nearer. As in there's bad, and then there's really bad. How does one vote in good conscience then?
I am long accustomed to making a vote which has no impact, as I was long a resident of a red state. (though I hold out hopes every election that the color will turn!) but I really wonder sometimes when, when, when will someone come along that I really feel like I can get behind.
I look forward to further election news posts!

sherri said...

I'm looking forward to your coments. ;-)

I understand the desire to see change and have new leadership. My question is this: is any change in leadership a true change? There is a part of me that believes you only rise in politics when you fit into the mold, play the game, become a part of the network.. and that goes for Democrat and Republican.

I don't know that Hillary is electable... we shall she. I may vote for Dr Fulani again. ;-)

Terri said...

No kool~aid drinking at my house

"cathouse teri" .. yes I do sell Pampered Chef... I'll get in touch with you! I'll send you a catalog.

did you ever read that book (about the Clinton's) I told you about by Barbara Olsen?
Mike knew someone that "protected" Mrs. Clinton when she came to Vegas a while back .. he said she was the meanest and most foul mouthed person he ever "protected."

Hahn at Home said...

I agree knowledge of the workings of the government is important, but when you can't appeal to the masses on some tangible in the critical red fly over states, it's going to be tough going. And as to whether it's a sin, I'll be interested to hear what they think at the Iowa Caucus.

Gunfighter said...


Our two-party system is fatally flawed. It is no longer truly representative, but it is what we have.

As far as Dr. Fulani is concerned... for all of her good work, she is a bit of a political crackpot.


Barbara Olson is (was) a bit of a crackpot as well. I don't really want to read anything that she or her husband have ever written.

Rebecca said...

I don't know enough about the candidates to make much of a sensible comment - but I think it would be fantastic to see George Bush go away (scary little man). I also think it would be great to have a woman, or a black man as the most powerful political leader in the world.

But I often wonder if what Sherri said is true:
"There is a part of me that believes you only rise in politics when you fit into the mold, play the game, become a part of the network.. and that goes for Democrat and Republican."

So even if a change in leader is a bit tokenistic (that is not quite the word I'm looking for - but will have to do) I'm sure Hilary Clinton or Barack(sp?) Obama make a better 'token' than George Bush.

Ps - I noticed in your profile that you want to write a novel - what kind of novel??????? :)

weese said...

hmm interesting clue.
i am curious....

DriedPapercutsAndChickens said...

I have to agree with Terri....and I will follow her out of the room LOL
Mitt or Thompson would be my current choice from the possible field. But, I doubt Mitt stands a snowballs chance in h***. Although lets be clear, I am not political but I really dont like Hillary.....and guiliani cant seem to keep one viewpoint for long. With hillary, it is sadly more of a gut feeling then anything else about her....SHe just creeps me out...

Janet said...

If Hillary gets the nomination I will wash my hands of the Democratic Party. I truly hope that they will not be stupid enough to nominate, but I don't fully believe it.

cathouse teri said...

Okay, you get a spanking. You didn't answer my question!

Gunfighter said...


I wasn't trying to be cryptic... all will be revealed in the fullness of time!


Don't you read your email? I sent you an answer to your query last week!

...and don't tease me about spanking!


You aren't alone in that, my dear.

Anonymous said...

Oh Get Off of it already!!!! you guys have to call a spade a spade she has what it takes to try and turn what's left of the US around, you certainly aren't tryinf to lead me to believe any of the others can. ARE YOU? (LMAO) I should certainly hope not. You all had better get on your knees and pray and ask the LORD to allow Hillary to try and turn this mess BUSH has gotten us into around

Gunfighter said...


You think Senator Clinton has what it takes?

What are you... high?