Thursday, May 3, 2007

What's The Deal...

...with people who walk in the street?

No, I'm not talking about people walking alongside of the road becasue there is no sidewalk... I'm talking about the lazy bas@#$%s that intentionally walk... no, SAUNTER in the street and then get upset when I nearly run them over.

I have a neihgbor... she live about 5 houses down from us, that parks her car in front of her house, walks (in the street) to the mailbox (which is in front of our house), collectgs her mail, and walks (in the street) back to her house.


We have quite serviceable sidelwalks in our community. They aren't cracked. They aren't blocked. They aren't so heavily travelled as to be impassable. So why walk in the street?

I understand that surly teenagers do things like this because well, they are surly teenagers, thats what they do. It's one of their ways at giving the finger to "the man"... but what about adults? What about adults with small children?

Have any of you encountered the people that walk in the streets? What about the people in parking lots that will intentionally walk behind your moving car as you back out of a parking space?

I don't get that... I don't think I ever will.



Ambassador said...


My beef is on the other side - sidewalks, that is. It is not a side-clump, or a side-block or in the case of too many cyclists, a side-ride. I swear I will clothesline the next person who tears down one of the French Quarter sidewalks on their uber-hip, retro-Schwinn.

And don't get me started on the cyclists who can't seem to go the correct way on narrow one-way streets.

Is all of this just some bizarre sort of entitlement issue? Peace, Ken

Red said...

I'm amazed at people who don't share the sidewalk and try to push people off. I lost my temper when a couple holding hands refused to let go and forced Mini Red off a sidewalk.

Janet said...

People in Flint walk in the streets all the time. It drives me crazy but if I ran them down I'd be the one to go to jail.

Jenn said...


In China - people walk in the streets and the bike lines and the sidewalks. With their kids. With their dogs.

Bikes drives on the sidewalks, in the streets and in the bike lanes. Bikes with baskets. Bikes with kids on them. Bikes pulling a cardboard pile the size of a small house.

CARS drive on the street, in the bike lanes, and yes, on sidewalks. And this is common. Not like once in a while. Everyday all day. They also park on the sidewalks. Drive their cars UP the curb and park there.

Oh yeah, scooters too. They drive in all three 'lanes.'

I sort start to wonder, why even have seperate avenues at all? Maybe they should just have one GIANT area where "things that move can move in any direction they'd like whenever they'd like" and call it a "multi purpose road."

cathouse teri said...

Yes, humans do give us plenty to complain about. I have a fair list started at my place! I'll keep this one in mind as I try to expand. :)

Your neighbor is probably just a rebellious adult. Is she recently divorced? Just got out of some oppressive situation?

After my divorce, I stopped wearing seatbelts.

jessabean said...

This is such a timely post because I was absolutely furious yesterday as I drove through Old Town...Men in full suits were just dashing out into the street from between parked cars. I mean, can I just say "I didn't see them officer" when I run them over? Geez!

I also hate sidewalk hogs, but street walkers are much more dangerous.

Gunfighter said...

"...can I just say "I didn't see them officer" when I run them over?"

Yes, as a matter of fact, you can. As long as you were driving at the proper speed... and attempted to brake, if you had time.

Redneck Mommy said...

I am still holding my sides trying to picture you in a kilt getting down to some "Ice, Ice, Baby."


That is a mental image I may not have needed running through my head, darling...

As for the asshats who choose to walk the streets, well as the Captain of my Safety Crossing Patrol Squad in grade six, I just have to shake my head at them and wonder where the hell their brains are.

soccer mom in denial said...

Since I live at the end of a state highway (2 lanes each way), there are no fools walking on the street and hardly anyone on the sidewalk for that matter.

But don't get me started on the dips#@t scooters on above highway. What are they, suicidal?

Brillig said...

That is so funny. I was driving yesterday and this very thing (meandering, wandering, street-crossing pedestrians) happened to me and I thought, "I'm going to write about that on my blog tomorrow." Hahahaha.

Instead, I'll just refer people here. :-)

By the way, thanks for the interview questions. It's up and ready for your reading pleasure. :D

Zanne said...

Have I encountered people that walk in the street? Hmmm I live in NYC...yep, one or two! ;)

the only daughter said...

people who walk in the street and/or otherwise deliberately cross in the path of cars, trucks, motor bikes--are idiots.

drivers who go too fast, roll through stop signs, don't stop at red lights, stop in the cross-walk and don't cede to pedestrians--when they are in the cross-walk, crossing with the light, who open their doors without checking for bikers (pedal)--are also--idiots.

bikers (motor & pedal), skaters & scooter riders who don't follow the rules of the road and basic safety percautions--are idiots.

Tasha said...

That's such a problem back home. Seemingly once a year there's an incident of a pedestrian getting run over due to their own stupidity.

Queen of the Mayhem said...

This type of behavior sends me into a fit of rage!

What about the people who walk down the middle of the parking lot lane, casually pushing their buggy as though they do not have a care in the world.

COME ON! I know you can sense I am behind you....I drive a large know I am there!

jafabrit said...

I don't get why people behave that way, but maybe they have a rotten life and need the power that comes from being awkward.

I just take a deep breath and remind myself life is too short to get worked up over some twit brain.

brian said...


I know exactly what you mean. Just today I was picking my daughter up from school. I'd parked in an appropriate parking space alongside other parents who were driving back and forth picking up their kids.

Just as I was backing out, I had to slam on the brakes to keep from crushing a woman and her daughter walking behind me just chatting and laughing.

I constantly tell my six year-old that the parking lot is just like the street. I tell her that there are cars driving up and down lanes, and even across lanes.

When people do idiotic things like strolling obliviously in the midst of multi-ton vehicles, do they realize that there are drivers who don't pay attention, drivers who are impaired, vehicles with faulty brakes, and vehicles with faulting steering?

Gunfighter said...

OK... I get it now.

Flawed & Disorderly said...
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Jenn in Holland said...

Slow on the uptake for this post by a couple of days, but had to join in and say "Welcome to Holland" man.
Infrastucture is such that bikes have a path, cars have a road and walkers have a sidewalk. But the theory only holds on paper. In real life, everyone uses all of the above indiscriminately and as the mood strikes. No matter what they are walking/riding/driving.