Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Concealed Carry

Without making a political statement, here, allow me to say that if you are so inclined, whatever your reasons for carrying a concealed firearm, if you are going to do it, please do it right!

This past Saturday, soccergirl went to a birthday party (complete with Moonbounce!) for one of her classmates. This gave Mrs Gunfighter and I the chance to spend a few hours together without the constant background chatter of "mommy!, mommy!, mommy!, mommy!, daddy!, mommy!, mommy!...." well, you get the idea.

After dropping sg at the party, we went to Target, went to Panera's for lunch, and then went to Border's to browse for awhile. While we were at Panera's I noticed a guy whose attire screamed "COP". I could see where his badge was, and I could even see his poorly concealed pistol that he had holstered on his ankle. As much as I wanted to, I didn't say anything to him... I didn't want to blow his whole image while he was having lunch with his family.

Later, while we were in Border's, I saw another guy whose attire practically screamed police. This guy was so bad he was wearing his gun in such a way that anyone making the most feeble attempt could have taken his gun.

OK, so I'm trained to see these things... that doesn't mean that the bad guys don't see them.

Do me yourself a favor... if you are going to carry a gun, do it right. Your family will thank you for it.


La Sirena said...

I'm not a "bad guy", I am not trained in firearms or law enforcement but I can spot most undercover cops a block away.

I also often see officers (both undercover and over-the-cover) standing in a way that makes me SO NERVOUS. The gun sticks out of the waist holster -- which seems to be too far back on their belt -- and it appears that anyone could walk by and disarm them.

I hope I'm wrong about that.

Jennifer said...

I work in the Virginia Legislature and in Virginia it is perfectly legal to carry conceal in a government building (yeah I don't know why either). Each year there's a group of gun advocates who like to come and lobby. They especially love for us all to be aware that they are packing. I had one woman pull her Glock .38 out of her purse and place it on my desk.

I grew up around guns, but having guys lobby you knowing their carrying... pretty scary.

Gunfighter said...

She put her gun on your desk?


BETTY said...

Guns in general make me nervous I understand the reasons for guns they just make me nervous there are too many what if's for me... Plus I am retardedly accident prone!

Gunfighter said...

Hiya Betty!

I recently gave a class on officer survival... one of the things that I centered on was doing dumb things,. I built the class around an incident that took place in Your home state.... The "Live Free or Die" state.

Nancy said...

I have had a CCW Permit for a long time and I find the best way to conceal mine is locked in my safe *wink*

I really don't need to carry, I used to date someone in law enforcement and he had me go through the safety class and get the CCW.

I'm glad I did because now, in the county I live in, it is harder to get one.

And about the lady that pulled out her Glock and placed it on the desk ... it's people like her that give anti-gun protesters "ammo" for their cause. That was just plain stupid.

Alex Elliot said...

I'll have to pay more attention the next time I'm in Borders! Thanks for the Disney tips!

BETTY said...

great now I am more nervous there are stupid people everywhere!

Jennifer said...

sorry GF, been gone for a week.

She took her gun out and put it on my desk in order to dig further in her purse for a pamphlet she wanted me to have.