Wednesday, July 25, 2007

GF Is A Bachelor For The Rest Of The Week

So... Mrs GF and Soccergirl have gone to Milwaukee, to vist the parents/maternal grandparents...

I dropped them at National Airport this morning, in plenty of time for their 0645 flight. I dropped them off so early, that I drove back to Alexandria, had a 30 minute power-walk, and was finished stretching by their designated take-off time.

I had to work late tonight, so I didn't get home until after 8:30... and then depression set it.

Well, not really. As much as I miss them, it isn't like I don't have enough to do... I started a new rosary last night, and I think it will be seriously boss. On top of that, I have no end of ironing to do. Now the really exciting part is when I get to do a major cleaning in the upstairs bathrooms. I am saving that for saturday, as I don't want to have any idle time.

I am such a get-out-there-and-drink-with-the-boys guy, it isn't funny.

Is it sunday yet?


Smiling Mom said...

When I was 8 and on pop warner cheerleading, we had this cheer:
We're big b-i-g we're bad b-a-d we're boss b-o-s-s b-o-s-s BOSS!!

Even then I was like, "What does boss mean?"

GF, you're dating yourself!! ;-)

Meant with love. :-)

By the way, I loved the last rosary you made, beautiful! Are you selling them? for how much?

PT-LawMom said...

Woo-hoo. Sounds like a wild weekend, GF. ;)

Have you read the "Lutheran Quote of the Day" on your sidebar about how many Lutherans it takes to change a lightbulb? Might just make you laugh out loud... :-)

Mamma said...

I thought this was a clean blog, until I heard you use that awful four-letter word.


Though a man who would iron for me would be awesome!!

Madame M. said...

Ironing, eh? Have a great weekend and don't you dare get too wild and start polishing the silver now!

Jodi said...

Hey, you want to do my irnoing? I hate to iron. I 've just started sending things to the drycleaner.

Gunfighter said...

Hey, I don't mind dating myself! (and I am almost certain that I am older than you).

I'm glad you liked the rosary... and yes, I am @ $40 per standard unit... special designs may be more because of materials.

Gunfighter said...


The ironing is a leftover from my days in the Marines... I don't mind doing it.


Fat chance on the silver!

Gunfighter said...


There is another version of that joke that asks "how many Lutherans does it take to change a lightbulb?" The answer is: "Five". One to change the lightbulb and four others to spend that time talking about how much better the old lightbulb was.

BETTY said...

GF i completley get the keep as busy as possible when the house is empty but Ironing?? I have laundry to do, do you do that too?

Smiling Mom: I coached Pop Warner 2 years ago and they still do that cheer!! So you aren't dating yourself with that one.

Smiling Mom said...

:-) You are, I'm thirty. Thanks for answering my questions!

Smiling Mom

The Big Giraffe said...

BlogHer is my SAHF weekend with the boys staying with me. Practice for my "real deal" week of bachelor-hood when all 3 of them go to the Jersey Shore without me the week after next. I already have started a task list (in my head) of a wide array of sorting, cleaning, and if the August humidity is gentle, painting activities that I hope to complete. I will be following your experience closely for tips.

"Mr. Alex Elliot"

soccer mom in denial said...

You're alone and you plan on cleaning the bathroom. Sounds very orphan Annie to me!!

Gunfighter said...

What else am I supposed to do?... I gave up on carousing... so I have some household stuff to do... and I will probably go an see "Transformers" on Saturday evening, after my labors.

Fourier Analyst said...

Somewhere last week, close to the date of this blog, I thought of you when I saw some rosaries decoreated with Swarovski crystals and others with hand-carved olive wood beads and
decorations (not sure of the technical term here). Didn't have the camera or would have sent you pictures. But they were interesting and made me think of you! Hope you enjoyed your temporary bacherlorhood!