Saturday, July 7, 2007

Oh, and another thing...

... the make-up of the crowd watching the parade was interesting, fully reflective of the demographics of my county.

As of the recent census, this county is now what is referred to as "majority minority" (have you ever heard that one?), with approximately fifty three percent of the population of the county being Black, Latino or Asian.

Lots of the people who attended the parade and waved flags most vehemently were people who are either new citizens, people waiting to become citizens, or first-generation Americans.

Oh... I forgot to tell you that I had an impromptu appearance in the parade, myself, when a really beautiful '57 Chevy Nomad conked out at the end of the parade route... and wouldn't restart. A few of the burlier men in attendance pushed it, and the trailer it was pulling, off of the parade route, to the applause of others.

I hope your are having as nice a saturday as me... I'm about to fire up the grill... y'all might have food pictures on monday.



eb said...

Well, yes, we have that here in COSMOPOLITAN* Houston where the majority is a minority - Latino.

*The word cosmopolitan describes an environment where many cultures from around the world coexist; or a person whose perspective reflects exposure to a variety of cultures.

Gunfighter said...

You know something, eb, I have heard that Houston is a cosmopolitan city... I have also heard that the people that life there blush prodigiously.

Any truth to that?

Jenn said...

I'm jealous of grilling!

Definitely post up some photos.