Thursday, July 26, 2007

A Few Thoughts

* Lots and lots of my readers are off to the BlogHer Conference, starting tomorrow. I am sure they will have a great time.

* Is it just me, or is the overuse of the term "Homeland" starting to irritate others as well? The way the term is used in context puts me in mind of the use of the term "Fatherland"... Nothing good can come of this.

* Americans do horrible things to themselves, just so they can be skinny. NEWSFLASH: Skinny isn't attractive... those models you seek to emulate look like crap.

* Exactly what ARE the cockles of your heart? The term isn't mentioned in any anatomy book that I have ever seen.

* Why do people find Cameron Diaz attractive? I think she rather looks like a frog.

* Shot placement is everything... so instead of buying the latest, greatest new "gee whiz" new gun, buy something that you are sure that you can use correctly and hit your target every time... a more expensive gun won't help with that at all.

* How many of you have gone from using your blog to post the things that are on your mind, to writing for you audience?


the only daughter said...

I agree with the Cameron thing, but then perhaps many folks find frogs attractive.

I still use my blog to post what's on my mind (some of it anyway) while keeping in mind that there is an audience.

The Exception said...

I blog what is on my mind.

I too am tired of some words. Homeland is one of them as is the casual, undefined, use of the word terrorism. There are lots of them in use right now especially in the DC area.

I am also tired of everyone being a homeland security specialist... which means????

jessabean said...

THANK YOU for mentioning the Cameron Diaz thing. The boyfriend and I have scratched our heads for a while, trying to figure out why everyone thinks she's hot.

And I don't know if I am quite to the point where I write to my audience, though I do a bit more editing now and am conscious of trying not to offend people too much.

La Sirena said...

GF, I thought maybe they were called cockles because the chambers of the heart could resemble the shell fish. This guy had a similiar theory, as well as another involving Latin.

I live in Chicago but can't attend BlogHer, however -- a couple of tips for the attendees:

1. The famous Billygoat Tavern is at Grand & State and the burgers are good and inexpensive. (No fries, chips.)

2. On Friday between 5 and 6, ChiBar in the Sheraton has free wine. This is one block south on McClurg between City Centre and Navy Pier.

3. Saturday night pop over to Millenium Park for free concerts or walk out onto Navy Pier for a free fireworks display.

The concierge should be able to provide you with more info.

Leslie said...

I write what's on my mind. I've discovered I'm kind of a crazy person. Luckily, there's an audience for that.

Anonymous said...

Writing...kinda both, I guess, from the standpoint that I write about stupid stuff that I do or that happens to me, but sometimes something will come up and I'll think, "Oh, Blogger X will totally love this, gotta post it."

And on the skinny models, even my husband agrees. We see them on t.v. and start yelling, "Hey! Eat a damn cheeseburger, willya?" Like they say, meat is for the MAN, bones are for the DOG! :-)

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

I don't think Cameron is cute at all .. it looks like she has a little wart on her nose... (Mike always sings that Meow Mix song to me when I get catty.. meow meow meow meow meow meow ...)

Uh.. I only post what is on my mind.... I never wonder what people would like...?? I try to be careful b/c I don't want to tick anyone off....

Those skinny models ... yeah... they look nasty ...
I was jealous of Heather Locklear b/c she's 5'4" and only 104 lbs...
my friend Queen said that "she's an alien" and we shouldn't give her another thought!!

I'm just jealous though .. I try everyday to be anorexic... but I can't do it!

Queen of the Mayhem said...

Cameron Diaz annoys me...while I think she is attractive enough..the lengths she is willing to go to look grungy is just plain weird!

Funny you should ask that last question as I allude to that in my last post!

PS: I'm over the model/skinny thing.....haven't you heard? Curves are the new skinny! :)

KarenO said...

You just got all my votes whenever you want them for saying that thing about skinny! :)

And about the cockles, this is a good explanation!