Tuesday, July 31, 2007


* To the lady in the supermarket parking lot this afternoon: If you can haul your big ass into and out of the cab of that F-350 truck, you don't need that friggin' handicapped sticker.

* To The Attorney General of The United States: You are a liar, sir. Resign. Have you no shame? Do you not have a shred of decency or integrity?

* To Bob Novak: What ever happened to the days when reporters REPORTED the news, instead of making it (or making it up)?

* To The County Board of Supervisors for Prince William County Virginia: What made you think that the recent ordinances you passed concerning illegal aliens, WOULDN'T be seen as racist? Are you people high? You disgust me.

* To the old church lady: The times are changing. Get used to it. This isn't 1950, and you don't live in pin-prick, Michigan anymore... you old bitch!

* To The Virginia State police: The idea of a highway patrol is to ensure safe roads, and to keep traffic flowing freely. If you aren't part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

* To Deputy Chief Asshole: You had better hope that I ever catch you alone. I will beat you until you need hospitalization, you uncouth, drunken, unprofessional, womanizing piece of shit... and don't think for a second that I couldn't do it.

* To Barry Bonds: You don't impress me.

* To Michael Vick: I hope you do hard time.

* To The employees at the Stone brewery: Stone Imperial Stout is the best thing to ever happen to beer.

* To my kilt maker: Get off of your asses, and get the right leather for my new kilt!

* To my readers that went to BlogHer: I am glad that you all had fun. Now, spill the beans... c'mon, it's me, Gunfighter, you know you can trust ME with your secrets.... don't you?

You may now return to your regularly scheduled blogging.



CableGirl said...

hear hear!!!

Brillig said...

And this, folks, is a reminder that while GF may be a big ol' softy, you do not want to be on his bad side!!!

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

Oh come on GF...
tell us how you really feel!!



Jackie said...

Great list! Love it :-)

Madame M. said...


soccer mom in denial said...

Now you can't leave us hanging here -

* give us more about the A*shole Goon err Attorney General. I like your longer political tirades.

* Don't know what's going on in Prince William. Need more information.

* Old church lady = old bitch. Oh that is a post right there!!

* Um what in the world did David H do? Or is this a news story I've just missed?

* Re: Mr. Vick - I do not understand how ANYONE can defend his conduct. Who is defending this? (I'm not expecting you to answer this one. I'm just moaning here).

I think you've got some material for more posts.

Janet M Kincaid said...

And the same could be said for the MPD. As for David H., I'd sure hate to be that dude. He must have really pissed you off good! And tell us more about the church lady.... So much good material here, such engaging teasers... Now spill, man, spill!

Lawyer Mama said...

Love your list. LOVE it!

And I'm spilling. I'm spilling already!

Gunfighter said...
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steph! said...

I like angry gunfighter!

Vick is an idiot. I am a football fanatic and really wanted to see him play in person someday because he is incredibly talented.

Uh, not anymore.

Dumb. Beyond dumb.

KarenO said...

Aaaah OK, I'm glad I read through the comments before I asked about David soon-to-be-without-some-vital-organs H. Found the others (except the old lady!) on google etc, but Barry Bonds still confuse me. Help me out there please?

Hmmm and I think I need to go read up on that Attorney General thing of yours. So shoot me, I'm curious! :)

Gunfighter said...


Angry Gunfighter can be unpleasant... I don't let him out all that often.


The short story on the Attorney General is that the man is an inveterate liar.

Desert Songbird said...

Yo, GF! Just a side note: don't know about the fat-assed woman with the F350, but some people have handicapped parking privileges that don't APPEAR to need them. I used to pass judgment, too, until I became one of them. I get lots of odd looks because I don't appear to need a handicapped spot, but trust me, I do.

Just sayin'...

Lady M said...

BlogHer was a blast. There's talk of a mommyblogger meet-up in January. Interested? I'll encourage folks to call it a parent-blogger shindig, to be more inclusive! :)

Flower Child said...

I'm going to Cooperstown next week - I will look on the alleged record and spit. Provided he doesn't get hit by a bus or run into you before then.

and Amen on the rest of those points. Especially the AG - what a conniving little liar. Care to run into him in an alley? Please!

Alex Elliot said...

I'm trying to spill it.

Count Mockula said...

BlogHer07= panty-clad pillow fights. Duh.

PT-LawMom said...

Ooh, remind me not to tick you off. I hate those bitchy old church ladies. Grrr.

Anonymous said...

Could you please clarify Deputy Chief Asshole? Is that a local, or someone I should know way down here in TX?

I hope Vick is devoured by wolves. Stick him in a pen with a few and let them fight it out.

Janet said...

Oi! What did Michigan ever do to you except give you me? And you'd better not say that's reason enough for the random insult.

Gunfighter said...


That particular woman actually is from a pin-prick town in the Upper Penninsula.

Janet said...

Ah, well, the UP is practically a different planet. I knew you had to have a good reason.