Sunday, July 1, 2007

July Blog Exchange

Please welcome Heather, my Blog Exchange partner for July. I will be posting on her blog today. Out them this month is: "In My/A Child's Eyes". Please visit Heather's blog often, and enjoy her writing.


In my children’s eyes I see the past. I see my grandparents. I see my parents. I see myself as a child.

Through their eyes, the world is small. Menards is the entire city of Rochester. Going to visit Grammy and Poppa takes minutes even when they live several hundred miles away. Teachers sleep at school.

Through their eyes, parents know everyone and everything…until they grow into teenagers.

Through their eyes the greatest disappointment is not getting to read with Daddy.

Through their eyes, a smile is all that’s needed to make things better.

Through their eyes, all creatures are interesting; all the world is to be explored. There is no danger, only adventure.

Through their eyes, there will always be a tomorrow. All loved ones will always be around. (And I wish I could believe that too.)

Through their eyes everyone is a potential friend. No one would ever hurt them. Everyone is worthy of their hugs.

Through their eyes, everyone can make mistakes and still be loved. Even parents.


Heather is Mom to 2 children, M who is almost 5, and K who is almost 3.
Heather’s mind contains random thoughts and she feels compelled to share
them with strangers via her blog. M's blue eyes reflect her father, while
K's brown eyes reflect the stuff his Mommy is made of. Thanks to Gunfighter
for sharing his space with me today.


Jenn in Holland said...

Heather, well done!
"teachers sleep at school" was my favorite line I think.
A very sweet post!

Alex Elliot said...

Very touching post! It is so true. When I was really little I thought that actors lived in the TV.

Cori@SAHMbles said...

So very true, great post!

soccer mom in denial said...

It is so try that they believe all loved ones will be around. That first loss is so painful.

Amanda said...

Read through these eyes your kids are lucky to have such a wise mom.

The Thinking Black Man said...

Hi Heather!

Beautiful post! I've got 2 little ones - almost the exact same age as yours!

The world is truly amazing through their eyes.

My oldest just learned to tie his shoe laces - My God, I didn't realize just how much is involved in that simple process until you see it through the eyes of a 5 year old!

Very nice post, again!

Ray said...

Greetings Mr. Gunfighter,

I am new to your spot, although I have heard of you a few times before (SMALL BLOGGER WORLD LOL). But I read your posts the last few days and it caught my attention. I also read your bio, its great to find another person who is involved within his community and his church (something both of us have in common)....

I invite you to check my spot out periodically.....

Stay Blessed

Lara said...

i hope we can all apply that last lesson to our lives, and to non-parents as well. :)

great post!

dana said...

this is a beautiful entry, heather! very touching!

Damselfly said...

So true! To be a kid again....

Heather said...

Congrats on your Best of Blog Exchange award. Two months in a row!! You are a truly amazing writer and it was a privilege to host your post this month!