Saturday, July 21, 2007


First things first, I have to give mad props to Anali and SMID for getting the reference to the Prince Spaghetti Day commercial from the late 60's/early 70's! I suppose I shouldn't be shocked, as both of these lovely ladies live in the Boston area, but you get full credit. I'm just glad someone remembered.

I don't know if they showed those commercials nationwide (I suspect it might have only been in the Northeast), but that commercial is a major childhood memory for me. You can see the whole commercial here

Item: I am so glad so many of you enjoyed Shoot 'Em Up Friday, and the destruction of the Crocs. I do have a few things to say about the results... first, I accept your offer Paige. I will email you with mailing instructions. Secondly, In the spirit of full-disclosure, I have to confess that a week before I shot up those Crocs, we bought replacements for them. Yeah, yeah, don't look at me like that... children, gardeners, and people with orthopedic problems get a pass!

Item: Next week, I'll be shooting up something that was donated by another regular reader... and taco maker. Stay tuned.

Item: Folks, after next week, I'll run out of donated items to blast... if you don't want SEUF to go on hiatus again... you gotta help me out and pony up.

Item: In the near future, I will be doing a series of photo essays called "Remembering Things Past" The focus will be on taking current photos of things from my past, and matching them with some personal history... an electronic trip down (my) memory lane, so to speak. I think you'll enjoy it (or at least won't be bored by it).

Item: DC/Northern Virginia readers... the time has come for so many of us who gather here and call each other friend, to meet! Friday, August third, there will be a happy-hour get together for my readers and any other folk you want to bring with you. Yes, come and meet your creepy Internet pals (in a public place. Safety first, eh?). Have a glass and a few laughs, and actually get the chance to talk to each other face to face for a change. Email me if you are interested.

Item: Recently, I was recognized by the aforementioned SMID for a Schmoozer award, as well as a Rockin' Girl Blogger award. Thank you, SMID! What a pal! Before you cry "foul" at the Rockin' Girl blogger award, many of you know from reading SMID's blog, that she is soemthing of a rule-breaker. She decided that I rock... and that my gender shouldn't be a bar to recognition... once again, SMID, thank you... You rock too, hard! So much for the other glass ceiling. Egalitarians rejoice!

Item: Soccergirl came home tonight after spending the past week with her Grandfather (my dad) and her older sister Fastpitch. My daughters got to spend an entire week together, with no parents around, and bond as sisters. Spending the day together with them, today, was a great treat for all of us.

Now, tell the truth... aren't they gorgeous?

Peace be with you,



Leslie said...

Your daughters are beautiful. I think it's wonderful that they're enjoying each other.

The Taco Maker said...

Wow! What a great picture of your daughters. They're both lovely!

Sign me up for the Friday event (I'll email you.)

The Taco Maker

P.S. Can wait for next week's SEUF!! Woo hoo! And I think there's a stray, dead VCR around here somewhere. I'll see if I can salvage it and make a donation to your illustrious cause.

Brillig said...

They are, indeed, GORGEOUS! I love that you're such a proud papa.

PS. Kids do NOT get a pass when it comes to crocs. My daughter keeps begging for them and I, tyrant that I am, keep telling her how hideous they are, as I put them back on the shelf...

jessabean said...

I will search harder for something I would like to be blown to smithereens. I'm sure I can find something.

And I'll email you about happy hour! :)

Anali said...

First things first - your daughters are gorgeous! What a great picture and so nice they are getting time to bond!

That's so funny about the commercial! I don't know how much I understood about national and local when I was a kid. I just assumed everyone saw the same commercials. It's funny about memory. I hadn't thought about that commercial in years, but it was locked away somewhere in my brain! ; )

soccer mom in denial said...

Two happy beauties. Clearly they take after their mothers!!

Now I'm with Brillig. If you hate something that much, you have to show your kids principles and tell them no. I won't buy my kids character items and it is one tough visit to the supermarket, shoe store, anywhere really.

Stand firm GF. Stand firm.

PS - glad you like the awards. Still need help with the Schmoozer button?

PT-LawMom said...

They are both beautiful! You're going to have to get those guns (and the big stick) ready for the teen years. ;)

Man, I wish I was still up in DC! That sounds like a fun get-together.

Gunfighter said...

Thanks all! My daughters are a joy!


Let's talk in the week. Give me a call, as I think that the number I have may be wrong.

Brill & SMID,

C'mon! I don't hate Crocs enough to tell a child that she can't have them... especially since she only wears them in the yard, to the pool, or to go out and get the newspaper from our front walk.

DC area folks... we'll probably be meeting somewhere in Old Town, Alexandria... that should work for most of us.

Lady M said...

Lovely girls!

Thanks for sharing the Crocs shoot up. I'd been looking forward to seeing the results ever since Kristen said you were going to do it.

How's the knee doing?

Janet said...

Absolutely gorgeous!

We had the Prince spaghetti day ad in Detroit and while the slogan is forever stuck in my mind, I never associated it with a specific location. We used to think it a little odd because Monday was spaghetti day in our house because my Dad hated the smell and he bowled on Mondays. We kids would joke about how they got the day wrong.

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

Very sweet girlies....

Bubblewench said...

Yes. They are beautiful. VA is just a little to far of a drive.. oh bummin. :(

Lawyer Mama said...

They are gorgeous! And I can see you in both of them!