Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Rosaries, Light The Corners of My Mind....!

...misty water colored ros'riiiies, of the way we...


Recently Terri asked if I had finished the rosary that I had briefly spoken about a few weeks ago.

I have. As a matter of fact, all of these are new since last we talked about this subject.

Here you are.

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Please note that all of these rosaries are of the Episcopalian/Anglican sort. If any of you are adherents to the Roman church, I'd be happy to make a set for you, for a nominal, very reasonable fee.



super des said...


Gunfighter said...

Thanks, Des!

soccer mom in denial said...

Those really are beautiful. Would you ever make plan ol' necklaces?

Also does your nominal fee go to a favorite charity, your church, or you? Hmmmmm.....

Desert Songbird said...

Okay, I'll be completely honest here - I had NO IDEA that Episcopalians/Anglicans prayed the rosary. Huh. Okay, that's my new fact for the day.

I be of the Roman persuasion, so what are the differences in the two?

Biker Chick Janet said...

Songbird beat me to it - I was going to ask "what's the difference" as well. Beautiful work, GF! :) ~ Biker Chick Janet

Real Life Drama Queen said...

Those are very beautiful. Excellent job.

Gunfighter said...


The money goes to the purchase & shipping of more beads and other construction materials, the shipping of the finished product, and for the production of a pretty cool hand-made item.


Anglo-Catholics (Episcopalians) don't pray the rosary as it is done in the roman church. The term rosary just follows from it's similarity to the rosary of the roman church.

The differences? The RC rosary has a total of 60 beads... the anglican has 33, which is representative of the life of Christ. THe biggest difference is that the anglican "rosary" doesn't have a required set of prayers.

Here is something to have a look at:



Welcome back!,

Glad you like... my photography could have been better, though.


Thanks, and Welcome!

Jenn in Holland said...

They are beautiful. I want one, even though I would have no idea what to do with one. Would it be bad to carry one anyway?

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

Ah... THERE THEY ARE!!! :-)

They are beautiful!!!!!!!!

We already have so many rosaries ...
but I have to say I'm tempted to have you make me one!!!! I'm Roman Catholic ~ and yes.. I still belong to Focus on the Family.

We have a CD of the rosary being said ... it is beautiful.. peaceful and calming.